Next Stop Symi (NSS) is a UK charity, based in Hoxne in Suffolk,We work with many local groups and NGO's  working on the Greek Isalnds near the Turkish mainland to supply much needed items to assist the provision of "Hope and Dignity" to many thousands of standed refugees held in the Greek Government run camps in the Islands. The charity is concerned with the UK collection, sorting, warehousing and delivery of a wide range of specific items of humanitarian aid  We currently work with Samos Volunteers, on the island of Samos, directly supporting the refugees in the camp there, who provide a centre for  education and welfare, and distributes the goods, as well as liaising with the Greek authorities, including port police and local government.

Loaded van leaves UK

Refugee camp on Samos.

Arriving on the beach.

 Warehouse in Hoxne

Newsletter- February 2018 

An extract


A belated happy new year to all our supporters and followers 2017 was a challenging year for everyone involved with the refugee crisis in Greece and sadly 2018-2019 looks like being  equally tough years - but if we all continue to work together, we can find modest but meaningful ways to make a positive difference.


The stream of refugees from the Turkish Mainland has not abated- 1,501 arrived on the islands in January despite the harsh winter seas - and the processing of arrivals in Europe via this route remains a slow paced ordeal. Europe, it would seem, finds it evermore difficult to provide new futures to alleviate the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and the lack of fresh headline stories means the mainstream media are now looking the other way.  Full copy available by application to our email.



Our Next Van delivery leaves England towards the end of September and will be bound for the Aegean Island of Samos. Listed below are some items that we will be taking on that van run. Please contact us via email or Facebook if you wish to help or donate, or donate directly using the my donate icon

Craft suplies:

Googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glitter, pom poms, beads and beading threads, sequins, plaster of paris modeling packs, cotton string and paper plates.

Washable PVA Glue, 10g or 21g glue sticks.

Paint and glue brushes.


For the ladies who sew and knit and teach others to do so:

Fabrics (a minimum of 2 metre lengths), sewing threads, knitting needles, crotchet hooks, 3 and 3.5 are especially useful, and whole balls of knitting wool.


New toys for children:

Large toys for 0-5 whilst thier mothers learn at language classes: examples are; Duplo, dolls, large puzzles, large cars etc


Supplies for adult art classes:

Professional acrylic, oils and water paints;

brushes, artist pads, pencils.


Supplies for Language Classes. 

Whiteboard markers and erasers.




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