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The Trustees met for the first time since January 2020. During that time we have monitored the situation on the islands which has stabilised. The EU/Turkish Government agreement and the pandemic have significantly reduced the flow of refugees to Greece. That does not mean the humanitarian crisis has gone away, far from it, the refugees held in other countries remain with their lives on hold.


The changes in Afghanistan serve only to dramatically increase the flow of refugees. The true effects of all this is yet to become manifest. For the moment we, in our own small way, are ready to assist with local fund raising and support where we can, both in the Greek Islands and elsewhere as necessary. This, consistent with our core values, ensuring that anything we give is fully used to help the refugees. This use of funds is monitored by our trustees on the ground. In all cases, this is done with the support of local authorities and local people.


Clear need for our support, on the basis set out, has yet been sought, or made apparent. We expect it to become apparent in the coming months and we stand ready to make appropriate contribution to help those in need. In doing so we remain confident that our local support base here in Suffolk, as well as elsewhere in the country, and in Symi, will respond with us as necessary. We will update you as circumstances change.


It is possible in fund raising terms, that here in Hoxne, North Suffolk that a "Greek Night" may become an "Afgan Supper" other parts of the country may have different ideas.